Spirits United captures the essence and emotion of the connection between our equine friends and ourselves. The beauty of oneness between photographs and words fills one's soul with peace and tranquility.

Interwoven Connections

Books to Inspire

Gateway to the Universe is a spiritual journey to peace and stillness. Through photographs and poetic reflections, this book softly touches the soul, taking one away with the winds to heights unknown. The beauty of oneness between the photographs and the words captures the essence and emotion of nature and all that surrounds. Greater than words or photographs, Gateway to the Universe speaks to your inner heart and soul.

Love Awakens is a reflecting image of the  heart. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more. 

In the Beauty of the Sunset is an introspection of who we are, and affirmations of how to achieve joy and peace by living in the moment and connecting to others, through kindness and compassion.

Sharing the Light Within allows you to leisurely read delicately written messages and see peaceful photos. Brings a calming influence to your world.