Veronica Grace


Vicki Rickabaugh

With the same energy,Vicki is also the co-

author, with Veronica Grace, of a series of children's novels. The Mysteries of Veron, the exciting adventures of Eli and Viva as they follow seven magical white horses.

 Mysteries of Veron 

        A children's adventure series 

Destined to be a Classic!!!!!

Veronica Grace has written short stories for the last 25 years.Her love for children and the blessings of her own grandchildren have inspired her to co-author The Mysteries of Veron.about two friends that Magically travel to the land of Veron where they share many adventures.


Vicki Rickabaugh, international author, has been an educator for over 45 years. Her inspirational writings express the beauty, harmony, and oneness between body,  mind,  and spirit,softly touching the soul, on a journey to peace, and stillness. Vicki lives by example with her energy, love and compassion for family and life

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             Photographer: Pamela Turner